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Home Office Makeover-Part 3

Progress continues to be made in my office. It’s slowing down some as I have changed my mind a few times about a couple things. But as you can see the piles of stuff in the hallway has diminished quite a bit, which makes my husband and kids very happy! Things are making their way back to the closet but I am waiting on delivery of a few Container Store items for the things in the hallway. I am so excited for those items that I will totally be blogging about them when they arrive! First thing I changed my mind on is the white cubby shelf next to the closet. Originally purchased a few years ago to hold toys in my younger daughter’s room, it has served it’s purpose but I was hoping to give it a new life in the office. But it’s really not working for my needs or how I want the room to feel. The files and books I wanted to place there don’t fit very well. Then there is the old metal filing cabinet next to the book case. It fulfilled it’s life’s purpose also and just is not used often enough to keep it. Plus I remembered that the bottom of the bookcase is a filing drawer so why not just use that for all my filing needs! In looking at the bookcase I realized that I could use the bottom shelf for the books that don’t fit on the white one. I just need to re-home the boxes that are currently there. Those are files boxes that contain the kids school stuff for each year. Things like certificates and awards and report cards. Those boxes can be placed in the photo cabinet if I do some finagling. So I have given myself a little more work to do while I wait for my delivery.  More updates to come! 

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