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Virtual Organizing

1 hr session


During a virtual organizing session, you get to show me your home, and your problem areas.  During our 1 hour session, we will discuss your goals for the space, and I will coach you through sorting and purging items, if needed, and will give you my best plans, tips and suggestions to make your space function for you and your family.  I will follow up our call with an email containing links for any needed products, and/or a shared and private Pinterest board with links and plans for your particular project.  

General Organization

3 hr: $120

4 hr: $150

During these sessions we get to work sorting and organizing your space.  These sessions go as quickly as you can make a decision.  We will work on minimizing your belongings if that is needed.  We will plan out the space and where things will belong.  We work together during these sessions so you are the final decision maker about whether items stay or go, and where they should live inside your home.  We use methods that are suitable for the functionality of your space and your lifestyle.  No matter the space you need help with.  Kitchen, closets, playrooms, name it, we can do it.

Move out/Move in

3 hr: $135

4 hr: $170

These sessions are to help you get packed for/from a move.  We will work on packing/unpacking boxes.  We will also purge items if needed.  During move-out we will discuss space planning at the new home so we can pack your boxes in the most efficient way to make for the easiest unpacking later.  During move-in we will unpack and set up each room of your new home, making the best use of the space you have for increased functionality. 

Organization Consultation

$75 flat fee

2 hours

During a consultation, we tour your home while discussing each space, and how it functions for you and your family.  We will discuss your/your family's wants and needs in the space so we can plan how best to organize the space based your those wants/needs and lifestyle.  There is no one right way to organize a space.  Organization is different in every home and every family.  I will get you started with sorting and purging, and I will leave you with my best ideas and plans to get you started on your organization journey.  

Prepaid Plans

General Organization:

$35 per hour


$50 per hour

With a prepaid plan, if you purchase a minimum of 12 hours of working time, you pay a discounted rate.  You can purchase prepaid plans in increments of 3 hours with a minimum of 12 and max of 21.  We will break those hours down into 3 hour sessions until your hours are fulfilled.  You may renew the plan as many times as you need.