The Organizing Process

Here's the basic steps to getting organized...


Do you need to get rid of stuff?

This is the questions you need to answer first.  You may not want to get rid of stuff but sometimes it is necessary. 

Consider if you have more stuff than you have space to store it.  Are there any items you simply aren't sure if you should keep or not?  We will talk about this during our consultation. 


Sorting your belongings

This is usually the part of the process people hate the most or simply don't have time for.  But this is the most important step.  Sorting involves deciding what to keep, and then categorizing and getting all like items together.

How long we spend on this step is totally dependent on how quickly you can make decisions.


Find a home for your items.

This part get a. little more fun.

This is where we decide where your items will live within your home.  You'll want to consider many factors when making those decisions.  

Factors such as where you use the items, ease of accessibility, and how often things are used.

This is also when we can begin to think about products like bins and baskets, and if they are needed.


Organize it and put it away

This is the best part.  Here, is where we pick out any needed containers and containerize your items.   

Don't just buy containers on a whim.  Consider their ease of use, and practicality first and always measure.  You may also want to consider reusing containers you already have.  

Then you put them in their new homes, and admire your accomplishments.

Rates and Fees:

In-home Consultation...     $75 (2 hour session)

Organizing Sessions...     $35-$60/hour 

**Rates are based on areas within 35 miles of 21050.  If more than 35 miles, an additional fee of $30 will be charged

**20% Military and Educator discounts available, with military or teacher ID


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