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Preparing for vacation...

I love making lists! Lists are my friend, and they keep me on track with my to-do’s. A list on my phone just doesn’t cut it either. I need a paper list and a highlighter and pen to mark things off. Travel is no exception, and they are probably my favorite lists to make! Since summer is upon us, I thought we could chat about travel prep. I’m going to focus mainly on car travel. Air travel is a whole different animal for me. So the first thing I do guessed it...make a list! I keep my travel checklists saved on my Google Drive. If this is a trip we take regularly, such as our summer beach trip, I save it with the name of our destination. This way I can go in any time and add or change things if I need to. It could be the middle of winter when I think of something new I want to take or right after a trip I may realize I don’t need to bring certain things. 4-5 days before: -Schedule a mail hold with the post office. This can be done online and only takes a minute. This way I don’t have to arrange for someone to get my mail or worry about it accumulating for a week in the mail box. 2-3 days before: -Look at your list and make sure it’s complete. -Shopping for any odds and ends you need. This is why you made a list. Go over the list and see if there is anything your low on or out of. -Start packing items that can be packed early. If your headed to the beach, go ahead get some beach towels together. Get your beach chairs and umbrella out of storage, and make sure they aren’t broken. -Do the kids like to take toys or games? Let them pick out their games and toys. Get them packed in a tote. -Will you prepare meals while your away? If so then get any spices or ingredients you need but don’t want to buy later. Especially if it’s something you don’t need a lot of and don’t go through quickly. Why end up with 2 of them once your back from the trip? It’s just logical to bring some things from home. If a grocery store is nearby just save the main food shopping for after you arrive at your destination. Don’t stress over packing stuff stuff you don’t need to. The day before: -Do laundry! I like to do all the laundry before I leave so there is less when I get back. -Only pack what you will absolutely need. Is there a washer/dryer where your going? Then you don’t need to pack a new outfit for each day. Pack half and do laundry. Doing a little laundry at the beach house is better than having to do a weeks worth when you get back home. But if there are no laundry facilities, you need to pack enough clothes. -Invest in a travel laundry bag. You’ll want to keep clean and dirty clothes separate on the trip home. -Clean the house and put the clutter away. You’ll feel so much better and more relaxed do you come back home to a clean and tidy house. -Pack your clothes. And of you follow one method of folding you really maximize the space in your suitcase. I can manage to pack clothes for my husband and me in one suitcase. This trip I only packed enough clothes for about 4-5 days (with a plan to do laundry at the beach house) but the hubby packed 8 days worth of clothes. Plus swimsuits. All in one larger sized suitcase. Do yourself a favor and checkout the KonMari folding method. The Day Of... -Pack your personal items. These are last minute items because you likely need them before you leave. Now you just need to load the car! And if you only remember one thing, make it this....Keep it Simple!! Don’t overthink it, and if you forget something, it’s not the end of the world!

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