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6 Weeks to an Organized Holiday Home: The Kitchen...

Welcome to week 1 of my holiday prep series! Each week I will focus my efforts on 1 particular space. 6 smaller goals will lead up to reaching 1 big goal! I’m going to start in the kitchen. For me the kitchen is the easiest to organize, and the most fun. If I enjoy the time spent organizing a space, I usually become motivated to move on to another space. Since I spend so much time in the kitchen, I tend to keep it more organized then any other space in the house. Probably because I see it more than any other space. First, I want you to open every drawer and cabinet, and take a good look at what’s in there. We want to keep like items together. If you have like items separated, think about why. Is there a way to keep them together? -Work with one drawer or cabinet at a time. -Empty the cabinet and purge items you haven’t used or are expired. -Give the cabinet/drawer a good wipe down. -Think about these items and make sure you have all like items together. Reuse your organizing trays or bins and place the items away. If you are in the pantry right food cabinets, you want to keep all cereals or breakfast food together, all pastas, all canned goods, all kids snacks, and all baking stuff, etc. 

We aren’t necessarily planning to rearrange the entire kitchen. However, if during this process you realize that some items are a better fit in a different cabinet, then by all means go for it. So go get started! Throughout the week I will also share some kitchen tips on my social media pages, so make sure you are following me on Insta and FB! Next week: Living/family rooms and dining room. Stay tuned!

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