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6 Weeks to an Organized Holiday Home:Week 2, The Family Room

The family room is probably the center of your home. It’s where you play games together, watch TV and movies together. Maybe it’s where your company hangs out, or where you go to read a good book and have a cup of coffee. Either way, you probably spend a lot of time in here, so it should be a space that makes you happy and relaxed. It’s difficult to relax in a cluttered space. It’s hard to turn off your brain in a cluttered space. Like the experts say, “a cluttered home makes a cluttered mind”, and it’s so true! If you can’t relax in here, then you won’t be able to truly enjoy those family moments. This week, we’re going to focus on that space that you should be able to relax in. I’ll show you ways to easily keep your family room clutter free. In this space it’s about keeping the clutter out of sight. The kids like to play in here so create spaces where they can easily put that toy or craft clutter when they are finished. Furniture with storage is a great way to do that. That’s one reason I love my coffee table with the shelf underneath. It’s the perfect spot for those random toys or supplies the kids always seem to use in the family room. The shelves and cubbies on the TV stand are the perfect spot for DVDs. Over the course of this week, I’ll show you some of the trouble areas in my family room and living room, and how I plan to solve those problems. Make sure you’re following me on Facebook and Instagram to catch all the tips throughout the week. Next week we will tackle the basement! So stay tuned.  

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