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Board Games Storage: Game Changer!

Another follower request was for kids toys and games. I’m going to break this into sections with games coming first. Toys will be another time. One of my biggest pet peeves is games left out with pieces left laying around. Yes, that’s partly because I like things orderly. But mostly is because I can’t stand to listen to my kids complain that “the scrabble letters are gone! Now I will NEVER. be able to play scrabble. EVER. AGAIN!” Yes, I have a drama queen living in my house! So first things first...and remember we are keeping things simple this month...designate a shelf or a few shelves just for board games. This depends on how many games you have. And this space should be separate from the “playroom” if possible. Assuming, your trying to stop the kids using games boards for fort building..HA! I mean, yeah that’s pretty creative but then your games will be destroyed! Now, answer this you stack your games? The answer should be NO! If your kids have to remove several games to get to the one they want, they are very unlikely to put them back. And suddenly you have half a dozen games laying on the floor. So you’ve sabotaged yourself. What you should do is stand the games upright like you would books on a bookcase. Game changer, right! I also put mine on the shelf in alphabetical order. Not that it matters but, guess what? My kids actually noticed that and they put them back that way! I know, mind blown! Now in the process of putting the games away, in your new found manner, pick up each game, one by one, and really look at it, and ask these questions... Does it get played frequently enough to keep it? If not, get rid of it. Have your kids outgrown it? If so, get rid of it. Is it missing so many pieces that it can’t be played? If so, get rid of it.

I do this with ALL the games in the house, not just the kids games. All games should be in one spot. I keep the games in the room where we actually play them or nearby. Our playroom is the basement but I don't go down there often, and we all prefer to play games in the family room. So that's where the games are kept.

This is your time pare down the collection. Only keep the things that bring you joy! Share photos of your progress on my FB page! Happy Organizing!

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