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Let's Get Organized

Welcome to Empowering Home Organization!

Is there a space in your home that stresses you out? It's ok to admit. In fact, most people have an area in their home that causes stress. It happens. Life gets in the way of keeping the space tidy. I admit that even I have spaces that still cause stress. I'm not perfect, but I have learned a lot over the years that help me keep that space tidy. I don't have a spotless, immaculately clean home. I have children after all! And if your a parent, you know it's impossible to keep a house spotless with children.

Getting organized is not the same for everyone. There is no perfect system that works for everyone.

That's where I come in to play! I come to your home, and with you, we assess your space. We see what works and what doesn't work currently. Then we work on a needs and wants list and create an organizing system that will work for you and your family. Then we work side by side to sort belongings. I will guide you through the process of deciding what to keep and what not to keep. Ultimately the decision is yours. When the process is finished, you will have a tidy, and orderly home that makes you feel in control again. You will feel empowered!

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