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Home Office Makeover-Part 2

More progress is being made...As you can see the piles in the hallway are getting smaller. A lot of stuff is being donated as you can see in the second pic. Purple Heart is picking it all up next week. So it’ll only clutter my foyer for a few days. Haven’t taken any pics inside the office. I’ll share the final pics when the project is complete...I gotta get you coming back somehow 😉 The rest of the stuff is being categorized and organized neatly into the closet in the room. It’s mosly craft supplies. Maybe I should share a little bit about me for those that don’t know me... In addition to being an organizer, I am also a mom to 2 daughters, ages 11 and 8, and I am also a Girl Scout leader. Both my daughters are in scouts and I have been a troop leader for nearly 5 years now. Yes, I may be a little crazy 🤪 In the course of those years I have accumulated a lot of supplies. I try not to keep it all but us leaders like to use resources wisely so we tend to keep some things for future use, and re-use as many things as we can. So my scout side is often conflicting with my organizer side, who always wants to get rid of everything. Balance is the key. I keep what I KNOW I will use again. I get rid of things that I THINK I may use. If I have a known plan of using something I can keep it, if there is known plan in place to use it or immediate use for it, it has to go! I store those things in my Girl Scout tote and only there. If it doesn’t fit in there, it also has to go. Keeping extra things around the house is distracting. If I see it there, taking up space in the closet, it will distract me from my work while I begin a new Pinterest search on what I could possibly make with all the leftover toilet paper rolls, as though I may never come across another TP roll ever again in my life, right! So, now that I’m totally off the topic of the home office...just remember that I am still working...everyday...on this office, and I’ll continue to post the progress! Until next time, happy organizing! 

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