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Declutter & Organize to Save Time & Money...

You may have heard it before, but it’s true. Getting and staying organized will save you TIME and MONEY! Save time.... •By assigning a “home” for every item in your house, you will always know where it is. No more wasting minutes searching for something. •It only takes seconds to put an object away, where it belongs. But it could cost you 10 minutes looking for it if you don’t put it away. Do you have 10 extra minutes in the morning when you should be getting ready or leaving for work?...I know I don’t!! •Only handle it once...meaning when something comes into the home, put it away immediately. It will take seconds compared to all the time you may waste moving it 10 times back and forth from one spot to the next just. If you move it enough times, you’ll get so annoyed by it, you’ll end throwing it in the trash, which leads us to the next topic. Save money... •If you don’t put an item away in the right place, then you will forget you have it. That means you will end up shopping for a new one! Do you really want to spend your hard earned money on something you already have? •If you know what you have, then you may realize you have enough and don’t NEED more. •Being organized can help you see the difference between your wants and needs. When you see something you want, think about it and decide if it’s really going to bring you true joy. Better yet, make a deal with yourself to delay the purchase a week or 2. If after 2 weeks you are still desiring the object, go ahead and buy it. But chances are, you will forget about it in that 2 weeks period. If you forget about it that quickly, then it’s really not bringing you joy. •Also, think about where you will put the item. Do you have a place in mind right away? Will it truly work there? If yes to both, then get it. But if you have to think for more than a couple minutes about where you’ll put it, then don’t buy it. Save your money! Remember this: The cause of clutter is not lack of space, it’s the over abundance of things.   

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