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6 Weeks to a Holiday Ready Home: Week 5, The Bathrooms

Ugh! The bathroom! Possibly one of the hardest rooms to keep clean and organized as it's used multiple times daily.

Do you have more than one bathroom in your house? I have 2 full and 1 half. So there are some items I like to keep in each and every bathroom to help keep the bathroom clean...

-Cleaning supplies: Yes, this means that sometimes I have to buy more than one bottle of cleaner. But it also means that I will clean the bathroom whenever it needs it, even if it's not my normal cleaning day, without having to go someplace else in the house to get the cleaners and rags. You all know there are times when the bathroom just needs freshening up, like those days when the kids make a mess of toothpaste in the sink? You really aren't going to leave it there until your normal cleaning day, are you? By then it will be concrete! Having the supplies on hand are helpful in completing that small task much quicker!

I used to keep all the cleaning supplies in one central location because I thought it made more sense. However, I quickly learned that was not the ideal method for cleaning supplies. I really didn't like carrying around a bunch of supplies from one bathroom to the next. It was a pain in the you know what!

I live by the KISS philosophy! Keep It Simple Stupid! My granddad taught me that at a young age, and it just makes sense. Why make more work for myself?

-Extra toilet paper: that's that other item that is a must in EVERY bathroom! And if this one doesn't make sense to you, then just think a little harder! Keep a few rolls in a cabinet that's near the toilet. If that's not possible, then invest in one of those toilet paper towers and keep it next to the toilet. This is just logical!

Now, moving on to those items that you need only in the full bathroom, you know the bathroom you use the shower and get ready for the day...

-Personal care items...things like shampoo, soap, shower gel, razors etc. These are things some people, like myself, like to keep a spare of because it really sucks to run out shampoo and not have a back up. In my house these are also the items that we have multiple kinds of. Everyone seems to use a different shampoo or soap. So i keep an extra for the kids in their bathroom and extras for me and the hubby in our bathroom. I currently have a drawer in the bathroom where I keep these extras. When I pull out the extra, that's when I know it's time to buy a new one, and I add it to my shopping list. Easy peasy! When the kids pull out their extra, they know its time to tell me so it can be added to the list...well, most times! Let's face it, kids make staying organized a little difficult!

-Make up/hair need to dedicate a spot for these items. Are you minimalist when it comes to make up? Then you may just need a small make up bag to be stored in the cabinet or drawer nearby. Bottles of hair product should all be together, in either a deep drawer or cabinet. A deep drawer is also a perfect spot for the more bulky items like hair dryer, flat iron, curling iron etc. Otherwise, a large bin under the sink is perfect also.

Under the sink is where you need to utilize the vertical space with shelving or pull outs.

I am starting the week in the half bath since it's the smaller bathroom and so quicker to organize. As you can see in the pictures, there isn't a ton of stuff in here. But it still poses challenges because its so small. Our sink cabinet is not very deep. We did that to maximize space to stand in there. So this is where i need to utilize the vertical space. Ideally i would like to have the extra toilet paper under the sink instead of on the back of the toilet. As you can see, I am also out of cleaner in this bathroom so I have that on my shopping list and I need room for that also.

I am currently looking through under cabinet shelving to find something small enough to fit.

Stay tuned to my social media pages for all the bathroom progress this week!

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