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6 Weeks to a Holiday Ready Home: Week 6, Laundry Room

Oh the laundry room! I have a love, hate relationship with my laundry room! Mostly because the laundry room shares space with the mudroom, and it's simply not big enough for all that! So my laundry room is on the main floor, and while that is nice, I have considered moving it to the basement, so the mudroom can function as such. Though, there are a lot of pros and cons to weigh on that topic, and this week isn't really about the location of the laundry room so let's move on...

As I said, I struggle with this room, and maybe it's not so much the laundry part of the room, as it is the mudroom part. My laundry room is, by no means, a dream space. You can see it's pretty boring, and rather unattractive, but it functions, and I know where everything is. I'm just glad that most people come in the house and turn towards the kitchen, which is attractive, so their backs are turned to the laundry room! Oh and I keep the door closed as often as possible!

It's a basic laundry room...washer and dryer with a utility sink. I have a long wire shelf above the washer and dryer and another one on the adjacent wall. However, I also keep a small rolling cart next to the dryer to store the detergent and regularly used items. The wire shelf above is simply too high for a short girl like me! I keep items like extra light bulbs, vacuum bags, and other misc items there...Yep, even professional organizers have misc crap. I just know what all the crap is, and it's all useful and is actually USED. It's not just stuff that sits and collects dust. Well, maybe it collects some dust, because...well I hate to dust! The important part is to keep the items you use frequently easily accessible!

The mudroom part of this room is the problem! We have hooks for coats, but the kids don't use them! We have bins for shoes, but the kids don't use them! Then, there is just the simple lack of space. What I haven't mentioned is that there is an exterior back door (to the back yard) in this room that never gets used because it's blocked with a basket for shoes. We mainly enter through our garage so not using the back door isn't a huge deal. But it would be nice to use it as direct access to the yard instead of having to go through the garage and around the house!

Ideally, there is a ton I could do to make the space better BUT, again this week is just about organizing not renovating! Nothing major changing this week, just putting things back in order. Stay tuned to my FB and Instagram pages for more pics of the part of the room that is good, and maybe by the end of the week I'll be brave enough to show you the not so good parts!

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