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Clothing Storage

Clothing is one of those things people seem to hold on to, and delay getting rid of. When people tell me they need help with their closets or clothing storage, it’s usually because they have too much. The best way to organize your clothing is to first pull it all out of the closet and dresser, and lay it ALL in a big pile on the bed. And I mean get ALL the clothing from all your various “hiding places” Many people admit to resorting to storing their clothes in a room other than their own bedroom just because they are out of space. If you have gone that far, you really need to get rid of stuff. Now that ALL of your clothing is in a big pile on your bed, your going to really see how much clothes you actually have, and realize it’s time to purge! Just go piece by piece. Pick it up and look at it. Decide quickly if it brings you joy or not. If it does not, then it goes in the donate pile. If it’s old and outdated, get rid of it. Face it, you are not ever going to wear it again. You may think it’ll come back in style, but will you actually wear it, or will you just buy new? Get rid of it!!! And, it likely does not bring you joy. Does it have any stains, or holes, or is it frayed, pilled or faded? Toss it!!! You know you won’t wear it, and it’s not bringing joy to you. Do you already have another item just like this one? Then pick one and get rid of the others. Honestly, you do not need more than 1 of something. Unless it’s like a work “uniform” When it comes to clothes, most of us are pretty picky. We wear the same few items over and over again. Then once we’re “over it” we are never going to wear it again. A long time ago I used to keep things thinking I might wear it again. But guess what? I never did. An eye opening moment for some people, is when they notice dust on the clothing. Your clothing shouldn’t hang in a closet long enough to collect dust. If it does, it’s time to get rid of it because you are obviously not wearing it. Ok, now that you have purged, and hopefully have your clothing collection to a reasonable size, you need to put it away. Most of your stuff should be folded and placed in drawers. Honestly, its better for the material. Hanging stuff just gets things stretched out and out of shape. I do keep some things hung. Dresses, long cardigans, and certain blouses. Everything else is folded properly and placed in drawers. The best way to fold it is so that it can stand up in the drawer. The photos here are my actual dresser drawers and closet. Pardon the poor photos. As you can see, I don’t stack my clothes in drawers. This is because I want to see what I have when I open the dresser, without having to dig through a pile. Certain blouses won’t stand up no matter how you fold it which is why they get hung. Dresses are the same way. And my cardigans are hung just because they are difficult to fold due to their length. This method of folding is called the “Konmari” method. Named from famous organizer Marie Kondo, and author of the book “Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up” and “Spark Joy”. You can check out her website here This organizer blogger has a lot of good stuff on this topic also Now that you’ve gotten your clothes under control, go ahead and move on to another category! You’re going to feel so motivated to keep organizing! Just remember, with clothing, you need to do a purge seasonally. You know you’re going to buy new stuff periodically. Just don’t buy stuff for the sake of buying. Don’t buy it just because it’s on sale. You know you save more money by not buying it at all. Only purchase new stuff when you absolutely NEED it. Remember the difference between wants and needs. So when you do buy something new, you need to make sure to get rid of something old of the same category. If you buy a new pair of pants, get rid of a pair of old pants. You can do this! Happy Organizing!

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