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Do you have a command center?

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

Most people have an area where everything lands. All the school papers, the mail etc. It all lands in one spot. Keeping this spot organized is key is keeping your life under control. It does't matter where the spot is, as long as it's convenient for you to handle everything. My command center is a small desk area next to the kitchen. After our kitchen remodel this area just naturally became our catch-all spot. So it just makes sense that it's my command center. When 4pm rolls around on a school/work day, this spot becomes cluttered with papers from school, and all the mail. By 4:15 its cleared again. Seriously, it only takes me 15 minutes to take care of it all.

What you need to do though, is deal with it all right now, and at once.

Mail is opened right away...bills get put in my bill file in the top drawer, stuff to be shredded is done right away with the shredder conveniently located on top the desk, and any paper that is junk can go right in the small bin under the desk, and important papers that need to be kept are placed in the appropriate file in the file drawer.

School papers are dealt with right away also. Permission slips signed and given back to kids. Info on school events are written on the calendar that is hanging at the desk and the paper is hung up on the white board for easy reference later on. As the event passes the paper goes in the recycle bin. special school work that I want to keep is placed in the kids school files that are also in the file drawer, and everything else is recycled. No need to keep ALL their school work. Just the awesome stuff. No need to put too much thought into that part yet. That's all covered in another post, here!

The whole family knows this area. Any question about what is going on at a certain time can be answered in this area.

Do you need help locating your home's command center? I can help you with that! Call me and we'll chat!

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