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Home Office Makeover-Part 1

I have a room I have always called the office even though it was never really an office. It was mostly a junk room! There was a huge desk that was about 15 maybe more years old. The desk was meant to have a desktop computer on it to give you an idea of how big it was. I haven’t owned a desktop computer in over 10 years. There is also a tall bookcase storing some books but mostly other stuff, and also a sideboard type unit that I stored all my photos and albums in. But also had a lot of stuff on top of.

Since the desk was no longer used as a desk it became the catch- all and when the desk was full, the floor caught it all.

Now I need this room to be an actual office as well as keep the stuff that was already in here. Books, photos and crafts.

Here I are a few before pics and I will keep updating the blog with my progress. There is a lot of work to do!

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